Guide on Recording iPad Screen with Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac


Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac not only can record your iMac desktop or Macbook Pro laptop screen but it also can record the screen of your iPad. The software can’t run on iPad but it can work in recording the screen of your iPad if the device is connected to your Mac computer. The steps to recording the screen of your iPad is similar with recording the screen of your Mac computer.

To start recording your iPad, you must first plug in the USB cable into the device and then plug in the other end of the cable to the USB port of your Mac computer. You must have already installed Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac. Once installed, you are to launch the software. The plugged in iPad device will be detected and appear on your Mac screen.

You will see the same screen of your iPad on your computer with a recording frame on it. You can select full screen preset if you want to record the entire screen of your iPad device. you can adjust the recording frame to record only a certain area of your mobile screen. You will want to click on System Audio to check audio recording if you want your screencast to have audio.

If you are going to record sound, make sure you increase the volume of the speaker on your mobile phone so that is loud enough. It is also possible to make a recording of anything you want to say in the video by connecting a microphone to the phone. If you want the microphone input to be included in the recording, make sure you click the microphone button.

The screen recorder for iPad has a video editor to allow you to perform some brief edits on the iPad screencast. As you play back the video, you may find certain part of the recording not acceptable and wish to delete it. You can do so by using the scissor tool to clip off the unacceptable part of the video recording.

The scissor tool can also trim off the part of the audio recording where there is a long period of silence. To merge another video or audio track, you just click on Add Media Files to load it onto the timeline.  Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac supports hundreds of fancy transitions as one scene is jumped to another scene.

You can add text to make the video explanation clearer. Its title styles collection feature titles in a variety of frame styles. You can take your time to scroll through the entire title styles collection until you find one that you like.

The title style will automatically affix itself to the video clip when you drag to it with your mouse cursor. After you are done editing the video, you must save it in MP4 format so that it can be played on your iPad. Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac supports all versions of iPad from iPad 1 – 4. It also support iPad Air, and iPad Mini.