Tips to Choose the Best Background Color for Your Website Design

When you pick colors to design a summer cottage and a retail store that offers trendy items, the colors must be different. It is because of the different purpose served by each of the spaces. For instance, to apply colors in a retail store of clothing, you might need to apply bold colors that invite the shoppers to the clothes racks. Besides, you also should make the wall color is contrast with the shelves of the merchandises. This idea will ease the shoppers to know where they can find the items needed soon after entering the store.

On the other hand, the cottage house color should be different because you have to make relaxing atmosphere inside the house. The wall color as well as the decor should affect relaxed and soothing atmosphere. Make everything blend well, so you should focus on the stunning view visible through the large windows.

You should think the same way when you need to determine the background color of the website design. You must make the design bringing the visitors to focus. It means that the background color is determined much by the website’s purpose.

For the Ecommerce Websites and Those with Content Intensive Information

The ecommerce and content intensive information websites have the same purpose in making website design; they need to promote the products or ideas. This is the reason of why such websites are commonly designed with neutral color or white for the background.

The white or neutral colored background only works as a backdrop so that the visitors can read and see the contents well. Besides, the website also focuses more to the products or content; not the design of the website. Yes, light background or white color with accent colors and bold dominant is the best color schemes for websites containing intensive information as well as the ecommerce. The accent colors and bold dominant are the features that will give focal points and personality to the website. Meanwhile, the plain background will make the visitors to only focus on the products or contents.

For the Business or Corporate Websites

Corporate or business websites commonly have purposes to promote their brand and/ or services. The website color schemes of the background might be different according to the focus of the business purpose.

– To Promote a Brand

To establish a strong brand identity, you can make the background color by applying various shades of the brand or dominant color. Because a color can become a brand recognition, you can make the website more memorable for the visitors if you use the brand or dominant color variation to become the background. Whilst, if the brand color is too bold, you can use the less intense shade to become the website background.

– To Promote Service

If the portfolio or service is the focal point of the website, then you need to apply neutral background or white as the website color schemes of the background. The color will naturally grab the attention of the audience so that they can focus to the content of the website.