5 Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Release a Mobile App

Process of growing a successful mobile app in today’s competitive mobile marketing places starts with a good plan. App developers should take many steps in addition to development stage of an app. Many app developers ignore the pre-launch stage of their mobile app and solely focus on development stage. This is a huge mistake that developers mostly do while developing a mobile app however building an effective app marketing strategy before releasing their app in app stores is half the battle to deliver a successful mobile app. Here are 5 most common mistakes of developers which will ruin their efforts after launching in app stores.

  1. Disregarding Target Audience

Every successful business starts with defining their audience so their preferences. Likewise, knowing users’ needs gives you a massive advantage to deliver a successful mobile app via providing exceptional customer experience in your app. App developers or marketers who underrate the importance of user needs and preferences will experience a huge disappointment after they stuck in lower rankings in App Stores because of the idle features of their app that were not optimized.

  1. Starting Without a Plan

If you are dealing with an app business, you should take advantage of every mobile moment that benefits your work because you have a very low chance to go viral on overcrowded app markets. Starting without a plan will risk to lose potential customers of your app by presenting undeveloped and disappointing product to your already placed user base. So, promise features to potential users before the launch then structure a plan with gathering their reactions, which will help you to deliver what you promised in the beginning.

  1. Ignoring ASO

App Store Optimization (ASO) means that optimizing efforts of delivering highly visible and attracting App Store presence to reach and convince potential users to download your app. So ASO is one of most important user acquisition channel to be succeed in App Stores. Releasing a perfect App with ignoring ASO is like a very good present with the ugliest package to your potential users.

  1. Inadequate Beta Testing

When developing a mobile app, you can’t decide the best feature of your app that will charm your users. Users will pick your app’s best feature of your app by their in-app experiences. So, you need to do beta tests on your app before launching it on App Store, with your target audience for understanding which one is the best feature of your app and which are useless. Knowing the key features of your app will provide you an opportunity to improve good sides of your app by eliminating bad ones.

  1. Forgetting to Allocate Ad Budget

If you want to be successful on App Store environment, you need to invest on promotional campaign to increase brand awareness, organic traffic and downloads. Without promotional campaigns your app will never reach its full potential or even it reaches, it will take a very long time. So, every app publisher or developer should allocate an ad budget before get into the App Stores to create cost effective and successful social media ads or mobile ad campaigns to promote your app successfully.