How estate and letting agents are improving their SEO

Estate agents and letting agents are now beginning to see their online content appear more strongly in online searches thanks to better quality content and adherence to SEO techniques and online marketing. Better property descriptions are leading the way on the content front, meaning that properties are now starting to appear in keyword searches.

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An online marketing agency spokesperson, Steve Whiting from Sub@moic said that the industry had reached a critical new stage when it came to producing rich and descriptive wording for online property listings. He explained that standard and generic property searches could not be found online with keyword searches, even when estate agents and property portals were paying large amounts of budget on offline advertising such as television.

Moving away from cliches

Where agents were using portals and standard cut and paste clichéd language, the online benefits weren’t being used. Typical agency words such as ‘charm’, ‘oozing style’, ‘luxurious’ and ‘contemporary’ simply had no link to what customers search for –

Using the right keywords

However, a good Dublin SEO strategy would be to include wording that describes locations, development names, catchment areas or particular schools. Other great sources for Dublin SEO are written features such as wood-burning stoves, loft conversions and patio doors. Other buyers will look for features such as disability access or architect-built homes.

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SEO analysis also shows that keywords which buyers search for include those relating to verandas, kitchen islands, range cookers, sash windows, fireplaces, beaches and sea views, reflecting what buyers look for when they are seeking their new home and requiring that agents have in-depth knowledge of their market.

Marketing experts explain that search exists to help businesses be found when they are online and the world of the web is increasingly competitive. This means that smart estate and letting agents will identify and incorporate the words that their buyers are looking for, including relevant terms and groupings.

Other strategies include having a content plan and investing in a blog and social media activity to grow shares, likes and overall engagement. Regularly updating the property website is also key, as is ensuring that meta descriptions, title and header tags are always completed. It takes time and investment to get to the first page of a search engine for your target market searches, but persistence and focus will pay off.