How to Choose an RC Car and Powerful Motor

It can be incredibly tough for many hobbyists to decide on the next radio controlled vehicle to purchase. While the task may not be as overwhelming as first-time buyers when they are deciding which one is worth purchasing, with the wide range of variety on the market nowadays, making a final decision is never easy. Especially when you are faced with so many incredible collections radio controlled vehicle. The different trucks, cars, and even buggies such as the ones listed on the page really make it difficult for hobbyists and first time buyers alike to choose. Regardless of which category you are falling under, and which type of radio controlled vehicles you are after, you will benefit from this article as we are going to help you out with the ultimate buying guide as well as a recommendation on the best motor for those looking for an upgrade to the performance and capabilities of their collections.

A few things to take into consideration when choosing an RC Car

While many of the aforementioned types of radio controlled vehicle are guaranteed to be premium quality, the fact that radio controlled cars, buggies and trucks are made for a different set of terrain cannot be avoided. Yes, this is indeed the first thing you must always take into consideration when choosing for a radio controlled vehicle. Where you are going to play the vehicle and how you play it matter – assess these immediately to help you narrow down your choices. If you are set on purchasing one of these RC Cars, then you must keep the fact that this type of radio controlled vehicle is only suitable to be played on an asphalt, the floor, pavement or any flat and hard surface.

A few crucial things to take into consideration

How you are playing it, just as it has been stated above, also matters. Many use their radio controlled vehicle for racing, whereas some others use it for bashing. Regardless of your preferences, both bashing and racing require a powerful motor. While cars intended for racing typically made of a more rigid yet lightweight material in order to create more speed, the motor it uses also contributes to the speed and performance. For this reason, many racers and bashers alike must purchase the ultimate motor for all extreme uses – the GoolRC S2430. With additional features such as remarkable acceleration, astounding throttle linearity and breaks, this 7200KV motor is a perfect fit for any of the 1/16 and 1/18 radio controlled cars.