Important Logistical Steps In Planning a Music Festival

We can all agree that going on festivals is not just because of the lineup and clean bathrooms, but the details organizers did to make it different from others. The idea is to create a perfect experience for visitors in which they will feel excited and satisfied.

That will determine the success of your event. However, planning a festival is a daunting task because it requires immersive logistical decisions that you should understand how to do it.

You have to consider the visual and audio appearance which can be provided by an AV company from Houston and finding an ultimate lineup that will bring fans and audience to you. It is important to stop making crucial mistakes that will make your attendees reduce the enjoyment.

We decided to present you essential steps in planning a music festival:


  • Visualize Detailed Site Map and Festival Area


The first step in planning is to create a detailed site map of entire space. You have to place inside everything you are planning from stages, vendors, toilets and other secure locations where people can store valuables and cash.

You should walkthrough where the main stage and attractions will be at different times a day, and make sure that spaces and walkways are big enough to accommodate the crowd you’re expecting. It is essential to make a backup plan, in case that traffic flow creates a bottleneck.

It is important to mention that performer and vendor must have their entry point to get equipment in and out of the festival. Consider kitchen, backstage areas, loading docks, which are important parts of every festival.


  • The Entrance


The entrance is the place where the line will more likely form that is why you should map out the traffic, starting point from a public transit stop or parking lot and through the gates to the stages and vendors.

It is important to make a strategy to manage biggest rushes during the check-ins. You should have in mind that staff you will need to control the size of the crowd and make sure that you create a barrier that will reduce the illegal entrances. You should also have the security that will check begs.

The idea is to think through everything like you were a visitor. You have to make things easier for them and create a customer service that will help them when they arrive to get through.

It is also essential to create a fast entry gate for the VIP attendees, and you will need a process that will differentiate fans that attend the multiple days by using wristbands or another form of fast recognition.


  • Create A Volunteer Base


If you want to make a great festival, you have to plan and recruit volunteers that will help you finish different services around. The idea is to foster the collaboration by giving them insight on what you want to accomplish. Give them individual tasks and create team leaders that will control the system.

On the other hand, it is important to have staff members that have a dedication as well as yourself. They could check tickets, IDs and keep the line moving. You should do the same thing in VIP areas.

Don’t forget about security and the responsibilities that they should have during the festival. Security is someone who can control that everything is happening smoothly and help attendees in case of trouble. Make sure that you have enough of them, especially if you are making a festival where thousands of people will loosen up.

The more information on volunteers click here.


  • Check-In Equipment


Apart from motivated and trained staff, the main part of the logistical success depends on the proper equipment that you are using to reduce the hassle and time. Therefore, you can obtain scanning equipment to process large crowds.

The most popular festivals have the areas where there is a free Wi-Fi, as the place where people can network and post different things on social media to make your festival viral and popular in real time. For those things, you will need an appropriate power source that can handle everything you want to do inside.

Note: You should have at least one backup power source in case it goes down.


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