Be Cautious Of This Common IPhone Problems

Depending with the issue at hand, iphone repair does not always come cheap. In some cases we would advise you to just buy a new phone as repairing your iPhone might cost you an arm and a leg. To know more about iphone repair feel free to check out our site.

A Cracked Screen

A cracked screen is mostly as a result of fall. Depending with the angle of the fall the crack maybe sever or light. Sever cases will render your phone impossible to use and hence you will have to change its screen.

A hissing Sound

The hissing sound is mainly associated with iPhone 7.The best way to solve this problem is to return it to your manufacturer as this is a manufacturing defect and cannot be corrected.

Unexpected Shutdown

Your phone will need an iphone repair if it unexpectedly shuts down. The most logical solution for this is that there is either something wrong with the battery or the power management system needs some maintenance.

Poor phone call Quality

Most people especially those that use Iphone 7, have complained that they hear a distant voice in the background. This can easily be resolved in the setting menu. If this fails then it probably needs new speakers.

Poor Quality Camera

A poor quality camera will warrant an iphone repair. If the camera can’t focus clearly as it should , it may be suffering from too much heat or too much moisture. This results to the camera wearing out away with time.

A Red Tint on The LCD screen

This is mainly as a result of the phones old age. The best solution for this is for the LCD screen to be changed to completely solve this problem.

Unresponsive screen

This will warrant an iphone repair. You will need to repair your LCD digitizer. Know more about iPhones here