Things to Remember When Going for Jumping Castle Hire

Birthdays, family reunions or corporate dinners are special events to recall awesome memories. Among the most common problem that people experience during such occasions is how to get nagging children engaged. You also probably want to keep them occupied so that you get ample time to strike a good conversation with someone. Hiring a jumping castle is the perfect solution to this problem. The vast range of jumping castles hiring companies makes it difficult finding the right one quite an overwhelming task. The jumping castle hire price also varies from one company to another. Here are some of the things that you should consider before you hire a jumping castle.

Kid’s age

The age group of the children should guide you in the jumping castle that you choose. A jumping castle for toddlers and young children will obviously be different from the one used by teenagers. Most of the ones used by toddlers are designed with surrounding walls so that the kids don’t fall out when playing inside it. The design of the jumping castle should also be spacious enough so that the kids can move around it without being terrified.


It is very essential that you pick a theme that is suitable for the age of your kids. It could be a simple castle that has a vibrant color or even a popular cartoon character. Make sure that you do not get a popular cartoon character which is too scary. A smiling and docile character will be just perfect. You can also ask your kids about what they are interested in.


It is quite obvious that the safety of a child is the first concern of every parent. There should be no unsafe electrical equipment that is attached to the jumping castle. The material used in making the bouncing should also be durable and strong enough to bear the weight of the children.