Website Or App? The Best Internet Venture For A Hong Kong Small Business

An experienced website/app development company and/or SEO agency would easily be able to provide all the necessary advices to a Hong Kong local based small business whether an app or a website can best help to acquire new businesses or customers.

Developing and launching a mobile friendly website

Basically, a company website provides the advantages below for a local HK business.

  • Websites these days can easily and quickly be developed in responsive web design patterns and then become fully mobile friendly to any users visiting through any common web browsers (both from desktop and mobile devices).
  • In terms of the most commonly used functions, a website can be used just like any app on a mobile device.
  • The cost to design a fully functional and fully mobile friendly website is usually lower than the design cost of an app.
  • A mobile site is ready to be found by users in the search engine results pages, and can easily be shared among end users.
  • There is no need to download before any user start accessing the website. A user can use a website immediately.
  • A website is basically fully compatible across all devices including desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Making an app available for the mobile users

The few advantages of a mobile app include:

  • When your business is a gaming business where you provide a game as in an app, usually in such case an app is the preference.
  • Some apps don’t need the user to connect to the internet/WIFI when using. If that’s a major feature you are offering, then launch an app.
  • Push notifications can only be available through an app (when the user has downloaded and installed the app onto his/her phone). But this is not possible with a website.
  • An app that requires higher data security, privacy, or personalization suits to be developed into a mobile app. An example is Evernote which is an online note taking app.
  • An application that needs to display heavy visualization in the frontend and process complicated calculations at the backend is more suited to be developed as an app. Most usually such visualization requirements cannot be easily rendered by web browser.


The answer is clear and simple. When your application is complex and if you are to offer an addicted game for your end users, developing and launching a mobile app makes much more sense. With this approach, it may usually mean the end users of the app are beyond the scope of the Hong Kong local market and may actually target the international market.

But when you have a local business that depends mainly on your target audience finding you online and through search engines organically, it is much better to simply roll out and maintain a company website or ecommerce site. This approach is well-suited for the Hong Kong local audience.