Keeping Children Safe Online with the Help of a Parental Control


With the increase in the number of online threats, it is always a good idea to discuss with your children about them, encouraging responsible behavior in them and helping them build digital resilience so they know what to do if bad things occur or how to control the bad situations. However, setting up a parental control solution is always a great first step to keeping your children safe on the internet.

Before we explain the importance of a parental control solution and how they can help you keep your children safe from the online threats, you need to understand what they really are.

What is a Parental Control Solution

A parental control solution is basically a software as well as a tool that helps parents set up controls on the digital devices their children are using. These controls can be set on their mobile devices as well as laptops and desktop computers.

Parents can set up parental controls on their children’s internet use and also limit their screen time. Parental controls are a great way to help prevent children from using the internet beyond the set limit as well as from accessing inappropriate content on the internet.

Various parental control solutions are now available on the internet, offering parents different set of parental control features and helping them prevent their children from online perils such as cyberbullying, pornography and pedophilia.

Types of Parental Controls

Speaking of parental controls, there can be different types of controls that parents need to know of. Here, we will be talking about the three most important controls that parents need to have information about.

Network level controls:

These type controls are typically set on the internet router or hub and then applied to all the digital devices that are connected to that particular router or hub. These controls keep your entire household covered from the online threats.

Device level controls:

As the name suggests, the device level controls are set on the digital devices itself, including a mobile phone and then the controls will be applied regardless of how and where the digital device is connected to the internet.

Application controls

These controls are set on the application or the platform that is currently being used. For examples, controls can be set on YouTube, Google or any other social media platform if your child is using these platforms. The social media addiction is increasing and parents must do something to control it. The application controls should be set on each device your child is having access to before a device is given to them for use.

What Do Parental Controls Do?

Parental controls are set by parents on their children’s devices so they can help them keep their children safe on the internet. Parental control solutions can perform a couple of different things such as restrict what content or information will be shared to your child while they are using the internet. Parents can filter and block the content that they don’t want their children to see on the internet such as pornographic material and violent videos and pictures.

On the other hand, parents can also set time limits on how long their children can use the internet or how long they can use a particular site or application. They can also control the time of the day when the internet can be made accessible to their children.

You can set up parental controls on their devices as well as the platforms they are using. For instance, privacy settings can also be enabled on the social media platforms your children are using. You can also block the inappropriate pop-ups that keep appearing on the screen while your child is using a certain app or a website.